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DNG Research is committed to producing data-driven market analyses and research reports on the residential property market in Ireland. The company is recognised for providing class leading market insights and commentary on the Irish residential property market for corporate, private and institutional clients on a regular basis.


DNG has a long history of contributing to the discourse on housing policy with government departments, local authorities and the Housing Agency, and each year submits a pre-budget submission to the Government on property-related issues. DNG regularly contributes to policy discussions on the housing market, providing professional insight and analysis on current and future market trends as well as providing forecasts and regular outlooks on the future for Irish residential property. In addition to research reports and market insights for clients, DNG Research produce a series of residential property market reports, all of which are published on our website: -




DNG House Price Gauge (DNG HPG) - Dublin

The DNG HPG has been tracking price movements in the Dublin residential resale property market for almost 20 years.  The DNG HPG is produced on a quarterly basis at the end of March, June, September and December. The HPG uses a representative sample of existing homes located across the Dublin are which are revalued by DNG local expert valuers in each area each quarter. As a result, DNG Research is able to produce timely, relevant and accurate statistics on price movements in the Dublin residential property market.


DNG Apartment Price Gauge (DNG APG) - Dublin

The Apartment Price Gauge has been tracking changes in apartment prices across Dublin since its inception in 2014. The DNG APG is produced on a quarterly basis alongside the HPG, and also uses a representative sample of apartment types which are revalued by DNG’s local expert valuers in each area each quarter. As well as looking at the Dublin market as a whole, the APG also examines price trends according to the number of bedrooms a property contains and also across different areas of the city. 


DNG Nationwide National Price Gauge (DNG NPG) – National

The most recent addition to the suite of price reports produced by DNG Research is the National Price Gauge. The DNG NPG analyses price movements in residential property across the entire country and the results are released half yearly in June and December each year.  As well as looking at the national picture, the DNG NPG analyses price movement trends by region.

The DNG NPG measures the movement in prices of a representative sample of properties drawn from all areas of the country but excluding the Dublin region. Results are also given by property type and by the number of bedrooms the property contains.


Housing Transaction Levels – Ireland & UK

DNG Research track the number of residential property transactions that occur in Ireland and the UK on a quarterly basis, using data from the Property Services Regulatory Authority in Ireland and Gov.uk in the UK, enabling comparison and monitoring of sales levels in Ireland compared to our nearest neighbours.



The information produced by DNG on the property market is constantly referred to in the media including personal appearances on news programs on RTE, TV3, TG4 and Sky 1.


Our agents have featured on programmes such as the Future Shock series on RTE 1 and Midweek current affairs program on TV3. On radio DNG have been interviewed on RTE Radio 1 and 2FM, Newstalk, Today FM, 98 FM and FM 104 as well as other Dublin and regional radio stations.


DNG press releases are well covered by all the main internet news sources and the agency was recently included on the front page by Bloomberg regarding the state of the Irish property market.

All media communication enquiries should be addressed to Paul Murgatroyd, Director of Research & Business Development, 0876998884 or  email paulmurgatroyd@dng.ie


Paul Murgatroyd
Director of Research & Business Development DNG

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