Press Room

DNG Pre-Budget Submission - Budget 2022

DNG makes three key recommendations to Minister in its Pre-Budget Submission ahead of Budget 2022....... read more
20 September 2021

DNG Residential Market Review Q1 2021

This quarter has shown the highest rise in house prices in Dublin since Q2 2017. There are two main reasons for this sharp price increase. Firstly, there are fewer homes available to buy at the present time....... read more
06 May 2021

DNG Residential Market Review Q4 2020

In a year characterised by a degree of market and economic uncertainty, not to mention the two lockdowns and a third which we are currently in....... read more
16 February 2021

DNG Budget 2021 Reaction

DNG welcomes the extension of the July Stimulus additional measures in the Help To Buy Scheme....... read more
13 October 2020

DNG Residential Market Review Q3 2020

In Dublin the property market has been on something of a rollercoaster ride over the last six months, with prices dropping by 2.4% in Q2 and rising by....... read more
01 October 2020

DNG Residential Market Review Q2 2020

DNG re-opened its office network on the 8th June following 12 weeks of lockdown, an unprecedented time for our business, the property industry....... read more
16 July 2020

DNG Press Release Q1 2020

Strong start to year but Covid-19 pandemic now impacting all sectors of the residential market.... read more
01 April 2020

DNG Residential Market Review Q1 2020

The year started on a very positive note for the residential property market with strong activity evident from early in January onwards....... read more
01 April 2020

DNG Residential Market Review 2019 & Outlook for 2020

As we enter 2020 and a new decade, we do so reporting data which reflects a reasonably stable property market....... read more
23 January 2020

DNG Budget 2020 Reaction Press Release

DNG welcomes extension of the Help To Buy Scheme announced in Budget 2020....... read more
08 October 2019